Regulations for “General medicine - Internal Medicine Sub-I ” classes

  1. Classes of “General medicine - Internal Medicine Sub-I” are held at Department of Internal Medicine and Metabolic Diesases in accordance with the schedule of classes established by Dean’s Office and available on the University website and at the Dean’s Office.
  2. The start and end times of classes are specified in the schedule of classes available on the University and the Department
  3. Student is obliged to arrive for classes on time.
  4. Student has to wear clean doctor’s uniform and changing shoes.
  5. Student is obligated to treat patients, teachers, hospital staff and other students with respect.
  6. Students are obliged to maintain medical secrecy and protect personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulations.
  7. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices during classes unless the teacher gives the consent.
  8. It is prohibited to record classes.
  9. The student is obliged to prepare for classes in advance in accordance with the "Topics of classes" available on the Department's website.
  10. To pass the course, attendance at all classes is required and preparation of a presentation on a previously designated topic, if it is required according to the schedule.
  11. In case of absence, the student is obliged to make up classes on the date agreed with the course coordinator and the Dean's Office.
  12. Changing the group is not allowed without obtaining the prior consent of the course coordinator and the Dean's Office.
  13. The topics of classes held on a given day may be modified by the doctor conducting the classes depending on the cases of currently hospitalized patients with health problems important for further medical education.
  14. Any questions regarding the classes should be directed to the course coordinator.
  15. The issues not included in these regulations are specified in the Study Regulations of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice available at

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